5 key factors to price Agarwood Essential Oil

Until now, it is widely known that agarwood incense is well expensive, but no one can accurately determine the price of original incense, even the elderly in the profession. The pricing factors of agarwood essential oil is very much like an auction of the elite based on the rare, special type, origin, color, shape, pattern, oil …

There are five main factors to evaluate Agarwood Essential Oil:

Factor 1: The origin of the plant

As we know, there are 25 agarwood species in the world, but only 19 species of aquilaria are concentrated in Asian countries, including some species such as Aquilaria grandiflora, Aquilaria Sinensis Merr, Aquilaria Chinesis – distributed in China; A.beccariana Van Tiegh, A.microcarpa Baill – distributed in Malaysia, Indonesia; A.hirta Ridl – distributed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore; A. rostrata Ridl – distributed in Malaysia; A.malaccensis Lam – distributed in India, Bhutan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand …

Agarwood is made from Aquilaria Crassna in Vietnam which is considered as the best quality and the highest price.

Factor 2: Oil content

It is not difficult to find articles being worth several tens of billion dollar. Special agarwood resin (Ky nam) is actually natural incense is formed in nature with an oil ratio of up to 90%, the highest among the rare, extremely rare. From that can be seen, the price depends on the oil content of the basswood. In the process of creating aquilaria, the wound healing, the greater the damage, the more trees, the greater the amount of oil contained in the wood molecules, so the price of aquilaria will be higher.

Type 1 fertilizers usually have an oil content of 70-80% and types 2.3 with lower oil infiltration rates will have lower prices.

Factor 3: Time of deposition

The parts of the plant are damaged, the disease will be covered with plastic to avoid spreading to other areas, the wood gradually lost, the white wood decomposed only the essence of the most plastic deep in the scent. The longer the condensation capacities, the greater the clarity of the aquilaria and the more fragrant, the longer the ability to flow incense.

Frankincense is of great value because in the deep forest, the accretion period can last up to several hundred years. The accumulation period is also a factor to determine the price of incense.

Element 4: Scent

The aroma is the biggest feature of the bass so should not stand out factors decide the price of incense. Smell the more intense, persistent, when burning less smoke the higher the value. Sweet scent of special sweet can not be mixed with other flavors, the body effect through the olfactory, help calm mind, body relaxed, clever.

Element 5: Color

The color and texture of the timbers are a real determinant of aquilaria as well as the basis for valuing Agarwood. Agarwood color is usually dark and the darker the color the more valuable and expensive. The higher the density of oil on the wood grain, the higher the oil content, the longer the aroma and the longer storage time.



oud oil

Agarwood is considered a priceless item and usually used in religious rituals, healing, exorcism. Agarwood is not only a symbol of health, energy but also a source of hope for the world to cure the disease. Agarwood has excellent effects on human health, according to 3 ways: Drinking, Exhaling and Eating. Agarwood essential oil is used in the prevention of cancer, beauty skin, bright eyes, strong positive, prolonged sexual intercourse, insect wound insect bites, antiseptic, asthma, chest pain, vomiting, calm, stress relief, brew perfume, aromatherapy for space worship. 

12 miracle benefits of Agarwood Essential Oil are listed  as follows:

1.  Concentrate Spirit

Agarwood helps calm, reduce the suspense, regain balance for the spirit.

Instructions: 1-2 drops of essential oil on the back of the neck, very useful and beneficial for people to meditate and yoga.

2. Use For Bathing

Use Agarwood Essential Oil for bathing, shampooing.

Instructions: Add 5-10 drops into the bath to soak or take a shower. Or blend it with scented cream or foundation oil and then rubbed on the chest. Maybe blended it with rose and lavender essential oils.

3. Moisturizes And Whitens The Skin

Moisturizing Essential Oils help regenerate cells, nourish the skin, reduce the appearance of oily skin.

Instructions: Mix 5 drops of bass oil into 10ml base oil for massage;

Or use:

– 1 tablespoon of yogurt,

– 2 tablespoons of honey,

– 1 vitamin E capsule, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal.

Mix the first 3 ingredients, then pour oats into the mix

Then add:

– 1 drop of incense,

– 1 drop of Phong Lu liquid, apply on face for 15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

4. Scars, Stretch Marks Surgery, Wrinkles; Stretch Marks For Postpartum Women

Instructions: Mix 2-3 drops of incense oil with oil, rub the treatment site twice a day for 1 week to 1 month.

5. Pore Cleansing

Apply 2 drops of aloe wood oil with no odor, rub twice a day.

6. Cure Some Cardiovascular And Gastrointestinal Diseases

Agarwood has antibiotic properties, strong antimicrobial (bactericide, wound healing) and is effective in treating some cardiovascular diseases (chest pain, heart failure) neurological disorders (sedation, insomnia, analgesia, calmness …), gastrointestinal (abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea), urinary tract disease Agarwood is a precious medicine used in medicinal ladles to treat abdominal pain, abdominal pain, vomiting, asthma, urinary incontinence …

Regular incense burn incontinence blood clots, The lungs are not blocked, the sinus is not inflamed, tumors.

7. Help Prevent Cancer

Moringa oil has the effect of strengthening the immune system.

Instructions: Apply 1 drop of essential oil each evening to the feet of the feet.

8. Intolerance, Prolonged Sexual intercourse


2-3 small drops rub into the chest area. For men who have premature ejaculation when 3 drops of the breast are strong, it lasts 3-4 times, in some cases, it is too long.

In harmony between two partners may be a small drop into the palm and sniff the relationship. You will only reduce the dose to find harmony between the two.

In Arab countries, men are married to 4 wives, they are often used in agarwood. Many men keep in the jar of oil. Massage helps reduce pain, reduce stress;

9. Pain Relief due to Arthritis, Traumas, Swelling and Mosquito-borne insecticides, insect bites

Instructions: Apply 1-2 drops to the area of pain or burns. Or mix 5 drops of essential oil into 10ml of massage oil.

10. Use in Ritual Worship


Add 10 drops of incense oil to the incense stick, wrap it in a nylon bag, or in a sealed container.

Steal a few drops of frangipani essential oil for incense burners in the house (can burn incense with electric lamp or incense with candle burner).

11. Steam Cough

Put 5 drops into the hot water bowl and cover the head with a towel.

12. Other Uses

Some foreign materials also introduce the use of essential oil in the improvement of visual acuity for people with blurred vision, the small one drop drops of essential oil into the hand, rub two Hands on each other then cupped hands to the eye area 2-3 minutes (do not touch the eye).

On two occasions, after two or three months, the eyes will be bright, reducing the number of glasses. Doing this will cause tears but not harm the eyes (we have not tested the possibility and safety, so only for reference);

Cure crushed nails: 1 drop into the nail to strengthen the nail weak brittle;

Cure Uleptia: Cut 1-2 drops a day twice until it disappears.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to use with pregnant women because incense oil can cause abortion.