5 key factors to price Agarwood Essential Oil

Until now, it is widely known that agarwood incense is well expensive, but no one can accurately determine the price of original incense, even the elderly in the profession. The pricing factors of agarwood essential oil is very much like an auction of the elite based on the rare, special type, origin, color, shape, pattern, oil …

There are five main factors to evaluate Agarwood Essential Oil:

Factor 1: The origin of the plant

As we know, there are 25 agarwood species in the world, but only 19 species of aquilaria are concentrated in Asian countries, including some species such as Aquilaria grandiflora, Aquilaria Sinensis Merr, Aquilaria Chinesis – distributed in China; A.beccariana Van Tiegh, A.microcarpa Baill – distributed in Malaysia, Indonesia; A.hirta Ridl – distributed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore; A. rostrata Ridl – distributed in Malaysia; A.malaccensis Lam – distributed in India, Bhutan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand …

Agarwood is made from Aquilaria Crassna in Vietnam which is considered as the best quality and the highest price.

Factor 2: Oil content

It is not difficult to find articles being worth several tens of billion dollar. Special agarwood resin (Ky nam) is actually natural incense is formed in nature with an oil ratio of up to 90%, the highest among the rare, extremely rare. From that can be seen, the price depends on the oil content of the basswood. In the process of creating aquilaria, the wound healing, the greater the damage, the more trees, the greater the amount of oil contained in the wood molecules, so the price of aquilaria will be higher.

Type 1 fertilizers usually have an oil content of 70-80% and types 2.3 with lower oil infiltration rates will have lower prices.

Factor 3: Time of deposition

The parts of the plant are damaged, the disease will be covered with plastic to avoid spreading to other areas, the wood gradually lost, the white wood decomposed only the essence of the most plastic deep in the scent. The longer the condensation capacities, the greater the clarity of the aquilaria and the more fragrant, the longer the ability to flow incense.

Frankincense is of great value because in the deep forest, the accretion period can last up to several hundred years. The accumulation period is also a factor to determine the price of incense.

Element 4: Scent

The aroma is the biggest feature of the bass so should not stand out factors decide the price of incense. Smell the more intense, persistent, when burning less smoke the higher the value. Sweet scent of special sweet can not be mixed with other flavors, the body effect through the olfactory, help calm mind, body relaxed, clever.

Element 5: Color

The color and texture of the timbers are a real determinant of aquilaria as well as the basis for valuing Agarwood. Agarwood color is usually dark and the darker the color the more valuable and expensive. The higher the density of oil on the wood grain, the higher the oil content, the longer the aroma and the longer storage time.


The excellent oil is against hundreds of cancers

The essential agarwood oil is extracted from the resin of Aquilaria crassna, a plant which is very familiar in oriental medicine as a versatile medicine with a special aroma can be used to treat a variety of diseases on the human body. In the past, only upper classes, kings have the ability to use this material because of its rarity.

Nowadays, the essential agarwood oil is more popular, however, their essence is still there. Various studies have shown that agarwood oil is useful in the treatment of various cancers, including brain cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer…

So, why does the essential agarwood oil have many great functions?

Here’re 8 reasons which were proved about the prevention and treatment of various types of cancer.

– This essential oil inhibits false signals in the body or changes in the cell cycle.

– The most common causes behind the development of cancerous cells.

– It is like an effective shield, can interfere with the formation of cancer cells, which can not be further developed.

– This oil is supposed to be able to kill a part of cancer cells because it can affect the genes in the human body in order to accelerate the healing of wounds and help patients recover quickly.

– The essential agarwood oil can kill the bladder tumor cells, as well as removing breast cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.

– Agarwood oil is known as a powerful catalyst in the process of coding human DNA.

– The cancel cells start forming when code DNA in the nucleus of the cell is damaged. The essential agarwood oil can prevent the formation of cancer cells before they appear, therefore, it is a scientific and effective method to prevent the big amount of the different cancels.

– The various studies have proven that the patients using the essential agarwood oil have recovered at least 75% better than others. Therefore, it is considered to be a natural alternative is safer than any particular medication or chemotherapy.

– For brain cancer, the essential agarwood oil can kill the cancer cells developing in the brain by promoting the decay of these cells.

Besides prevention and treatment of cancer, the essential agarwood oil can be used with many different healing purposes. The professionals believe that this oil can decrease stress, be anti-inflammatory, analgesic, astringent, analgesic, disinfectant, cough, flu and cold, reduce dyspepsia, stimulate spit secretion naturally. Moreover, it is considered a pharmacy for women with anti-wrinkle and aging effects, protect oral health, scar treatment, remove blurring bruise…