How to use the Agarwood Bracelet?

Owning one agarwood bracelet is considered to keep the priceless goods, cause not only it is jewelry to make luxurious, but it also has a tremendous spiritual value. However, how to maintain the agarwood bracelet? Using the agarwood one needs what to keep in mind is that many people don’t know. This post will share with you how to maintain the agarwood bracelet in use.

Agarwood bracelet
  • Don’t let the agarwood bracelet in direct contact with water

To check the agarwood bracelet is fake or auth, people usually put it in water, if seeing oil slick, it is auth. That is one of the effective ways of identifying. However, according to experts, one of the ways of maintaining isn’t in direct contact with water. Because the amount of oil in this bracelet is limited, when it touches with water, the amount of oil will lose forever, that leads its value to decrease. Moreover, put it in water many times, its colour will be lowered, no longer shiny.

If it falls into the water by accident, you should use a dry and soft towel to wipe carefully to avoid scratching and peeling paint.

  • Avoid the agarwood bracelet contacting with chemicals, food that is heavy odor

When rubbing with the skin, the agarwood bracelet radiates a natural fragrant. However, because of this feature, you must avoid chemicals and artificial odors such as perfume, conditioner, oil dishwashers…

Because when touching, the smell of chemicals will affect directly the natural aroma of the ring, reducing its effect on human health. Besides, the products have a strong and uncomfortable smell like fish sauce… we should avoid it. The preservation of this one also depends on hands. In the summer, when joining in various activities, sweat from the pores of the wrist along with salty acid oil can cause abrasion outside.

  • Stay away from harmful objects to the agarwood bracelet

Due to the daily wear of the agarwood bracelet, it is obvious that the effects of the environment are unavoidable. However, you should pay attention to preserve it by not press against sharp objects, that makes the risk of losing the paint outside.

Or if joining in the sports activities such as football, volleyball, you should remove it out of hand in order to avoid the damage of the ring.

If preserve properties, not only extend its duration but also make a peaceful life.