Called Wood of the Gods, The Agarwood products have great benefit and great utility not only in health but also in the spiritual life … Let’s explore the great benefits that agarwood bring it back:


Health benefits: Agarwood has great benefits in medicine, it is used as a medicinal in Oriental medicine and Western medicine. Agarwood has antibiotic properties, it improves the therapeutic effect such as digestion, respiration, cardiovascular, nervous, … In particular, agarwood also has benefits to help support cancer treatment very actively.

 Benefits in the spiritual life: Agarwood has great benefits in connecting the spirituality of religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam,… Agarwood was used as incense to worship or ritual use in the ceiling bleach, baptismal Catholicism, Islam…

Agarwood Incense Without Core

Spiritual benefits: One of the benefits of Agarwood is the particularly relaxing spirit, to calm the nervous system, to reduce fear, to evoke strong feelings and to harmonize the high attainment in meditation.

 Benefits in Construction: Agarwood is used as a ritual when starting a construction. The use of Agarwood in building beneficial that brings good energy to the land, absorbing the lucky energy stream.

 Benefits in everyday life: Agarwood oil is used as a perfume to make expensive perfumes, when the essential oil on the costume or hair will bring the natural scent of wood, the bar Cool quite like mint…

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